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having the mean reds

"do you think she's talented? deeply and importantly talented?"

17 April 1976
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I lived in Liverpool for nine years (undergraduate degree and Ph.D.), and in September 2003 I moved back to Northern Ireland to take a job working for a music industry organisation. My Ph.D. was in popular music, I wrote about the process of making music in Northern Ireland and at jinxremoving's behest I tried to make a zine about it, with the working title 'Studying Kylie', and while I got as far as writing some bits it failed to be assembled. This is most likely my fault.

I generally work as an arts and culture project manager, and am currently in my final few weeks of working on a community arts project before moving to an audience development agency. Long term contracts for jobs of this nature are like the proverbial hen's teeth, so this segment of my bio is likely to change on a fairly regular basis for some time yet.

I got married in April 2009 to Jonny, and we currently rent a house in Belfast, where we eat a lot of curry, listen to a lot of music and play with next door's cat. I sing in the Belfast Philharmonic Choir and am on the committee for both it and the farmer's market at St. George's Market in Belfast. Both activities make me feel very middle class.

My journal is friends only, almost in its entirety, so please leave a comment if you'd like to be added.
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